Direct2HR login portal has been helping Safeway employees for a while now. This login portal offers a large number of benefits to Safeway employees, which necessitates the registration of the employees on www.direct2hr.com.

Safeway has ensured that signing up on this portal is extremely easy for the employees and hardly demands any sort of serious technical effort from them.

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This article further lists and explains easy steps to register on this official portal. Keep reading.

Direct2HR Sign Up Guide

Check out some of the easiest steps you need to follow to register yourself on the official Direct2HR login portal.

  1. To initiate your sign-up process on Direct2HR Safeway login, visit the official website of Direct2HR at www.direct2hr.com.
  2. Click the button that reads “Register”. You will be now redirected to the registration page of the Direct2HR login portal.
  3. Here, you will be asked to submit your personal information. Check out each of the text fields and submit the information you are asked for.
  4. After you submit the inquired information, check it out once, and click Register.
  5. If the submitted information is according to the specifications, your registration will be validated, and you will be sent a validation email to your submitted email address.

Direct2HR Login Guide

After you are done signing up on this portal, you can now sign in to your Direct2HR login account, and use all the services offered by this portal. Check out the steps you need to follow to log in into your Direct2HR.com account below.

  1. Visit the official Direct2HR login portal at Direct2HR.com.
  2. Submit your account username and password.
  3. After you submit them, check them out, and click Login.
  4. If the details you submit are correct and match the database of this portal, you will be allowed to sign in and use all the features of this portal. If not, you will be asked to check your credentials again and submit them again.
  5. Once you sign in, you can use all the services and features that this amazing login portal makes available.
Direct2HR Login

As mentioned, registering and signing in to your Direct2HR login account is extremely simple. If you face any sort of issues with registering or signing in to your account, you can count on the human resources team of Safeway to resolve them. So, hurry up, visit Direct2HR.com now and register yourself on this portal without wasting a moment.

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