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Direct2HR login portal is an incredible effort by Safeway to make professional life easy for its employees. All it takes is a few clicks of registration and login when it comes to using the services offered by this portal.


The registration portal is available at Direct2HR.com. It comes with high encryption, which ensures that the information you submit on

Safeway cares for its employees, and the Direct2HR login portal clearly validates this fact. The online portal is available at www.direct2hr.com.

To sign in to your account, you need to have login credentials alongside you. Without login credentials, signing in to your account won’t be possible.

Please note that Direct2HR access is open only for Safeway employees. If you aren’t one, you by no means can register on this portal. Registering here even when you aren’t authorized to do so can land you into severe legal troubles.

Safeway has been striving to help out both, employees and the human resources department for a while now. And Direct2HR has been a successful attempt so far.

The portal is available in the online mode only. There is no offline access available to this portal.

Direct2HR Portal

If you really desire to make your professional life easy on the Safeway premises, visit www.direct2hr.com now and register yourself without wasting any time.

In case, you face issues with this portal, you can count on the HR team of Safeway to make things easy for you.

Be it communicating with your colleagues, reaching out to the management team, or checking your employment details, this portal has everything in for you.

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