Direct2HR is a login portal that is launched by Safeway to make life easy for its employees.
This login portal has been an amazing help for both, the employees and the organization in terms of making professional life easy.

This login portal is available at the official website Registering on this portal is extremely simple and hardly requires any sort of effort or heavy technical knowledge for Safeway employees.

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The portal comes with heavy encryption. This implies that the information you submit while registering on this portal is extremely safe on this portal.

Direct2HR Registration Guide

Firstly, let’s begin the login portal insights with a registration guide. How do you register yourself as a Safeway employee on this portal? How do you ensure that every feature of the login portal is made accessible to you? Well, the answer to these questions is just a sequence of simple steps. What are they? Check them out below.

  1. To begin your registration process, visit the official Direct2HR registration portal at the website address
  2. Here, you will be able to see a button that says “Register”. Hit the same to continue your registration process.
  3. Now, you will see a registration form that asks you to submit some personal information.
  4. Ensure that you submit each of the asked information.
  5. After submitting the required information, verify the same once, and hit “Register”.
  6. You will be receiving a validation email on your submitted email address. Kindly validate your email to ensure that you are able to sign in to your Direct2HR login account and use every feature available efficiently.
  7. In case, you don’t receive the validation email or if you face any issues while registering yourself on this portal, contact the human resources department of Safeway and get them resolved.


Direct2HR Login Guide

Now, how do you log in to your Direct2HR account? How do you use all the features that Safeway has made available for its employees? Again, it’s just a matter of a few simple steps. What are they? Check them out below.

  1. To begin the login process, visit the official Direct2HR login portal at
  2. Here, you will see two text fields that ask you to submit your account username and password.
  3. Submit these credentials and check them out.
  4. If these credentials are correct, hit the Login button.
  5. If the submitted credentials do match the portal database, you will be allowed to sign in to your Direct2HR login account and use all the features that Safeway makes available.
  6. If not, you will be asked to check your credentials again, and submit the correct credentials.
  7. In case, you are facing troubles with signing in to your account, reach out to the Human Resources department of Safeway. They will help you out with the same.

Reset Direct2HR Login Password

Now, what if you don’t remember your account password? Well, Safeway understands that you are a human too, and can forget the login password. Hence, it has made it easy for the employees to reset the account password, and ensure that employees are able to sign in to their account again.

  1. Firstly, stay calm and visit the official website of Direct2HR login at
  2. Click the option that reads “Forgot Password”.
  3. You will be asked to submit your employee number.
  4. Submit the same, and click the “Next” button.
  5. You will be displayed instructions to reset your password. Follow them, and reset your password with ease.

Alternative Method to Reset Direct2HR Login Password

Well, in case, the 1st method to reset your Direct2HR login password doesn’t work well for you, you can use an alternative method to do so. What’s that? Check it out below.

  1. Again, visit the official Direct2HR login at
  2. Hit the option that reads “Login with one time pin”.
  3. Submit your username and one-time pin.
  4. Click login. You can now sign in and use all the features that this portal makes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Checkout some of the most commonly asked questions about the Direct2HR login portal below.

How do I register on the Direct2HR Safeway portal?

Well, registering on is extremely simple. Just follow the registration steps explained below and ensure that you are able to register yourself on this portal with ease.

Is registering on this portal really safe for me?

Yes. Direct2HR schedule login portal comes with high encryption, which makes registration on this portal extremely secure for you.

I am not a Safeway employee. Can I still register on this portal?

No. This portal is intended only for Safeway employees. If you aren’t one, you cannot register on this portal.

Portal Name Direct2HR
Launched By Safeway
Users Safeway Employees
Portal Type Login
Encryption Level High

Direct2HR Login Portal

If you are a Safeway employee, and if you are looking to make your professional life simple, registering yourself on the official Direct2HR login portal is your definite answer.

This login portal comes with a wide range of applications, and you can count on this portal to make your life on the Safeway premises easy. What more? Safeway has really made it sure that the information you submit on this registration portal is completely secure.

Be it communicating with your colleagues, the human resources department, or getting your employment information, this registration portal has everything in for you. It just takes a few clicks to register on this portal.


So, are you ready to make your life easy on the Safeway premises? Are you ready to simplify the communication with your colleagues and the HR department? If yes, then hurry up, visit now and register yourself on the Direct2HR login portal.

This portal has every feature that would really make your professional life easy for you. The portal utilizes the digital world to the fullest, and the user interface that this portal comes alongside it eliminates the need for any technical knowledge requirements considerably.