Direct2HR Login: Gateway to Albertsons Employee Benefits

Direct2HR is the online portal that provides access to payroll and other employee services for Albertsons Companies, the parent company of grocery chains such as Safeway, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s and Star Market. With over 2,200 stores across 34 states and the District of Columbia, Albertsons employs over 270,000 people, making Direct2HR an essential hub for a sizable workforce.


This article will explore the registration and login process for Direct2HR, highlight key features and benefits of using the portal, and provide an overview of Albertsons Companies.

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Direct2HR serves as the central payroll and human resources platform for Albertsons employees. Available 24/7, the secure online portal allows employees to access pay stubs, tax forms, benefits information, company news, and other workforce resources. Direct2HR aims to empower employees with self-service options to manage their jobs, while also giving managers effective tools for overseeing teams. The goal is faster, more efficient HR processes to better support both individual employees and overall business operations.

Benefits of the Direct2HR Login Portal

Accessing the Direct2HR login unlocks a wide range of helpful features, including:

  • Pay Information – View pay statements, W-2 and 1095 tax forms, pay frequency, rate of pay and more. Employees can also change direct deposit details through the portal.
  • Time & Attendance – Request time off, swap shifts, view schedules and accrue vacation/sick time. Managers have added functionality like approving timecards.
  • Benefits Enrollment – Elect health insurance, 401(k), discounts and other benefits during open enrollment periods. Employees can also check coverage, change life insurance beneficiaries and more.
  • Training & Compliance – Complete required learning courses, view task lists and access additional job training resources.
  • Company Communications – Stay up to date with news articles, executive messages, events, surveys and other notifications.

The ability to handle so much HR activity digitally makes work-life administration much simpler across Albertsons Companies.

How to Register at Direct2HR Portal

In order to access these features, employees must first register for a Direct2HR account. The registration process includes:

  1. Navigating to on a computer or mobile device.
  2. Entering your Albertsons 7 or 8-digit employee ID number.
  3. Specifying if you have previously registered on the portal.
  4. Creating a unique username and strong password for login purposes.
  5. Providing an email address, phone number and emergency contact details.
  6. Accepting the site’s Terms of Use.

Once registered, employees can download the Direct2HR mobile app to stay connected from a smartphone if desired.

Direct2HR Login Requirements

To register and use Direct2HR, employees need:

  • Active employment status
  • Employee ID number
  • Personal email address & phone number
  • Employee home store number

The portal can be accessed from any device with an internet browser, but works best on current versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox. A PDF reader is also recommended to view some documents.

How to Sign in to Direct2HR Login Portal

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your personalized username in the first field.
  3. Enter your password in the second field.
  4. Click the “Login” button.

If you have trouble signing in, use the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page to reset credentials.

How to Reset Direct2HR Login Password

If a password is entered incorrectly three times, the Direct2HR account will become locked for security reasons. To unlock it or reset a forgotten password:

  1. Click the “Forgot password?” link on the login page.
  2. Enter either your username or the email on file and click submit.
  3. Open the password reset email and follow prompts to create a new password.

For added security, Direct2HR also allows setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA) during the login process. This generates a unique verification code on a mobile device to enter along with the username and password. Enabling MFA prevents unauthorized access even if credentials become compromised.

Direct2HR - app

Direct2HR Login Mobile App

In addition to the desktop site, Direct2HR offers iOS and Android mobile apps so employees can access the portal on the go. The app provides a simplified dashboard showing upcoming shifts, time-off balances, pay statements and quick links like company directory search.

The convenience of mobile access allows employees to view schedules, request time off and more whether at home or in the breakroom. Managers can also handle approvals directly from their smartphone.

To download the app, search for “Direct2HR” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Use the same login credentials as for the web portal to sign in.

Why We Require Direct2HR

So why go through the effort of creating separate login credentials and learning a whole new digital platform? Direct2HR brings significant advantages over antiquated paper processes and dispersed online tools in regards to:

  • Improved Accuracy – Automated time tracking and integrated data reduces mistakes from manual calculations and entries. Changes like new rates of pay automatically flow across the system.
  • Faster Processing – Self-service functionality like shift swaps put control in employees’ hands instead of relying on overburdened administrators. Digital workflows also speed up everything from new hire onboarding to open enrollment season.
  • Enhanced Transparency – Immediate access to pay stubs and accrued vacation balances instead of waiting for snail mail or email updates gives employees clarity into what they’ve earned.
  • Stronger Security – Centralized sensitive information with two-factor authentication, password requirements and access logs reduces vulnerabilities compared to paper documents.
  • Greater Accessibility – The 24/7 availability of Direct2HR through desktop and mobile compared to restricted HR office hours ensures employees get support when needed.

Utilizing digital tools through Direct2HR streamlines tedious processes so the Albertsons family of companies and their many employees can focus efforts on customers.

About Albertsons Companies

Direct2HR supports the vast workforce of Albertsons Companies, Inc. Started in 1939 when founder Joe Albertson opened his first grocery store in Idaho, the company today operates over 2,200 supermarkets under recognizable banner names across the United States:

  • Albertsons – The original brand of neighborhood grocery stores and specialty markets. There are nearly 1,000 Albertsons locations across 17 states.
  • Safeway – One of the largest food and drug retailers in North America with over 800 stores located mostly on the west coast and central U.S. states.
  • Vons – A southern California based chain with close to 200 stores offering grocery delivery, pharmacy, and fuel stations.
  • Jewel-Osco – The dominant grocery chain throughout Illinois, Iowa and Indiana currently operating close to 200 sites.
  • Shaw’s and Star Market – Two longstanding New England supermarket chains managed under one organization.
  • Tom Thumb and Randalls – Grocery stores found mostly in Texas with some locations in Louisiana.
  • Pavilions – Upscale supermarket chain based in southern California.
  • Haggen – Nearly 20 large supermarkets and over 30 pharmacy locations across Washington and Oregon.

While Albertsons Companies has grown through various acquisitions and mergers over eight decades, the 300,000+ employees share common internal systems like Direct2HR for payroll, benefits and other workforce management needs of such a vast organization.

Mobile AppsSearch “Direct2HR” in iOS or Android app stores
EmployerAlbertsons Companies, Inc.
Employee ServicesPayroll, benefits, time tracking, training compliance & more
Available 24/7Yes
Login RequiredEmployee ID #, unique username & password
Account RegistrationOne-time process for new employees
Multi-Factor AuthenticationOptional heightened login security
Help ContactTechnology Support Center<br>Phone: 1-877-286-3200

Direct2HR Login Help: Contact Support

Reaching out for assistance is easy through built-in feedback options on the Direct2HR website and mobile app. For urgent or more complex issues like an account lockout, contact the professionals at the Albertsons Companies Technology Support Center:

Phone: Call 1-877-286-3200

Agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all portal troubleshooting and technical concerns. Be prepared to provide identifying details like first/last name, employee ID number and store location along with a description of the specific problem being experienced.

Whether dealing with a forgotten password, incorrect timecard or benefits question, the Technology Support team offers friendly guidance to get issues resolved quickly.

Direct2HR - selfservice


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Direct2HR login portal:

What is Direct2HR?

Direct2HR is the employee login portal for accessing payroll, benefits, schedules, and other workforce management systems for Albertsons Companies employees.

Who can access Direct2HR?

Only active employees of Albertsons Companies brands like Safeway and Shaw’s are eligible for Direct2HR accounts.

What information do I need to register?

To register, you will need your Albertsons employee ID number, a personal email address and phone number, and your home store number.

What if I forget my Direct2HR password?

Use the “Forgot password?” link on the login page and follow prompts to reset your credentials. You can reset via email address or username.

Is there an app for Direct2HR?

Yes, download the Direct2HR app for iOS and Android mobile devices once registered to access your employee portal on-the-go.

What internet browsers best support Direct2HR?

The portal works optimally on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. Internet Explorer is not fully compatible.

What do I do if I become locked out of my account?

Contact the Albertsons Companies Technology Support Center at 1-877-286-3200 for urgent account unlocks and technical assistance.

What types of services can I use through Direct2HR?

Key offerings include pay statements, benefits enrollment, timecards, schedules, tax forms, vacation requests, training, company news and more!

Does Direct2HR offer multi-factor authentication (MFA) for extra login security?

Yes, employees can enable MFA which generates a secondary one-time access code required at each login for enhanced account protection.

By addressing these common questions, Albertsons Companies employees can feel confident accessing all the convenient features found within their Direct2HR online portal. Reach out to the helpful support team with any other concerns.


The Direct2HR online platform delivers on empowering the many employees of Albertsons Companies brands with convenient access to work-related services. Registration is simple for accessing secure information from anywhere with 24/7 help options. While learning new technology can take adjustment, the benefits for both individual employees and the business overall make Direct2HR a worthwhile endeavor. The portal ultimately allows focusing more time on providing customers the shopping experience they deserve.

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